Maths Subject Leader Development Meetings

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This event will take place between 1:30pm and 4:30pm on 14/06/2022

 in partnership with the Teaching School Hub

Overview of the Programme: This programme will support Maths Subject Leaders addressing key areas within the maths curriculum that have impacted on the Lincolnshire maths data particularly reasoning and fractions—both concepts will be a key focus throughout the programme, creating an exemplification bank of materials as the programme progresses. Each session will include updates from Maths Hub, headlines from the DfE and Ofsted guidance along with appropriate resources.

The Director of NRICH has been invited to speak at the face to face session in the Spring term as well as input at the online sessions during the year.

Session 1:  - Progression of teaching of fractions from Early Years through to Year 6 / Transition 

Session 2  - Moderation session / collation of exemplification materials—to support Maths Leads with Deep Dive in their subject area.

Session 3  - The role of the Maths Lead—Action Planning for the next academic year . Review of 2021-22 - SATs, Multiplication Checks, etc.


Between each of the sessions there will be gap tasks to enable practitioners to embed ideas between sessions and link theory and practice in their own provision.

What impact will this programme have?

      Closer scrutiny of reasoning about number and fractions across keystage 1 and fractions / decimals and % as well as relational and proportion concepts within keystage 2 will lead to a developed understanding of the progression of teaching and learning within these concepts, leading to impact on keystage 2 attainment.This programme is therefore suitable for Primary practitioners. 


Maths Subject Leader Development Meetings

  • June 14, 2022
  • 1:30pm - 4:30pm
  • Online
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