Appropriate Body Services

Appropriate Body Services for Lincolnshire

All schools that offer a statutory induction are legally required to have an AB for their Early Career Teachers(ECTs formerly known as NQTs.) L.E.A.D. Teaching School Hub, will provide AB services to meet the needs of Lincolnshire, across all phases and settings.

The Appropriate Body Services ensure that your ECT is well-supported and that the necessary processes for registration and monitoring is in place.  The AB funding will cover:

  • Registration and monitoring of progress of the ECT as the AB and ECF provider, including reporting to the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA)
  • Making decisions on the outcome of statutory induction for the ECT
  •  Monitoring of ECT and ECT Mentor engagement on the ECF Programme
  • Provision of all paperwork for monitoring, supporting and recording of outcomes
  • Timely communication with ECT updates for both the AB and the ECT programme
  • Giving advice where ECTs are at risk of not meeting Teacher's Standards and advising on appropriate support packages for the ECT
  • Providing advice and guidance on the induction of ECTs
  • Quality assurance of assessment forms, against the Teachers’ Standards
  • Email and telephone support for ECTs, Induction Tutors and Mentors and assistance in planning additional targeted support and intervention, including onsite visits, when an ECTs progress is causing concern
  • Access to up-to-date guidance documents
  • Induction Tutor Training
  • ECT Induction session
  • A school visit when appropriate
  • A dedicated point of contact within the Teaching School Hub for all AB and ECF needs
  • Opportunities to build networks every half-term



There are three different approaches to the induction of an Early Career Teacher. The level of checks will vary according to the route which your school has chosen, hence the variation in price. 

Schools that engage in the Hub’s Early Career Framework Full Induction Programme in collaboration with the Education Development Trust benefit from a unified offer. 

We are using a portal named ECT Manager to register your school. Please click the link to do so:


                   NOTE: Click on the yellow box labelled 'register your school'