CPD Overview

What is Effective CPD?

L.E.A.D. Teaching School Hub Lincolnshire aims to ensure that leaders play a significant and informed role in securing effective CPD for themselves and their staff, building a robust understanding of the most appropriate programmes available, to impact on their school's pupil outcomes and staff development. L.E.A.D. Teaching School Hub Lincolnshire therefore offers two distinct aspects to CPD. These are Curriculum Hubs and programmes led by the Hub itself. Please click on either link to visit the relevant pages. 


A Copy of the Brochure: Click Here

Curriculum Hubs

All Curriculum Hubs Sharing their Resources, Offer and Funding 2023 24: CLICK HERE 

Curriculum Hubs are at the heart of the CPD landscape. Recognised by the DfE as centres of excellence with regards to evidence informed practice, please click on a badge to go directly to their services:



In order for CPD to have a positive impact and be sustained, the 5 pillars and 'golden thread' of CPD is acknowledged as an approach, underpinned by research. Please see the sections  below which explain this more fully:

The Teaching School Hub will promote and deliver high-quality evidence based Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that focuses on developing high quality teaching across the region, improving outcomes for learners.

We aim to ensure that any CPD delivered directly supports the improvement of teacher quality (e.g. fostering knowledge of pedagogical practice or subject expertise) and is complementary to ITT, ECF and NPQs which are on offer.

We also ensure that CPD is underpinned by and meets the Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development.

The Five Pillars that constitute the Standard are programme which include the following aspects:

L.E.A.D. Teaching School Hub Lincolnshire’s CPD offer does not duplicate or conflict with other DfE CPD, such as training offered by Curriculum Hubs (e.g. Maths Hubs) and ensures that CPD aligns with Government policy for that subject – e.g. mastery pedagogy in maths and phonics in English.